Finding Help with Online Privacy

Most Internet users seldom consider the dangers that exist when they log on the Internet. Each minute they are online, their reputations and privacy are at risk. Unfortunately, users may ruin their own reputations by using foul language, or someone else may smear them with false or misleading postings. We can read those things for ourselves.

The greater damage occurs when some stalker silently steals personal information. We never know when it happens, or how it will be used. However, we do know the shock experienced by those whose privacy has been violated..

Of course, if we are operating an Internet business, we must share some personal information. Social media allows us to share information with a selected few. However, every Internet user should be aware that his or her privacy may be violated at any time. No one is immune to malicious attacks that can expose sensitive information to the wrong people.

Computer hackers who would steal private information are becoming more sophisticated daily. A group recently attacked the IRS to get personal information about every taxpayer. We constantly hear about credit card companies and retailers whose sites have been attacked and accounts compromised. Clearly the dangers are always present.

Cyber crime appears to be on the increase. Many times we are the innocent victims because we trusted the wrong person. A recent case on Facebook involved a girl who became friendly with a man she had recently met. She filed a complaint that the man had posted pictures of them on the Internet claiming that they were married.

We wonder why a banker posted maligning information about his employer on Facebook. Did he want the world to believe that his employer wasn’t competent enough to find information on Facebook? Did he realize the dangers he had created for himself? Unfortunately, we never know when someone posts something about us. We must discover the misinformation for ourselves, or hope that a friend finds it and tells us.

How Do We Protect Ourselves?

Fortunately, we do not have to do everything for ourselves. Check out on TechCrunch to learn more about what you can do to protect yourself as a first step. Even if there is a lot of misleading information about us, there are ways to find it. In addition, there are many excellent tips that we can use to protect ourselves.

Since some information must remain private, we should find experts to provide the privacy technology we need. is a good place to begin your search for the right protection methods.

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