My Week With the Nokia Lumia 800

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Nokia sent me the Lumia 800 for trial last month and I got to play around with it a little. Here’s my short review of the device.

The phone arrived in a gorgeous Nokia-esque box as expected. Unboxing the device revealed the phone, some documents, a silicone case for the smartphone, the USB cable, earphones (not in-ear) and the trendy looking charging outlet. The box was pretty standard, and I was a tad disappointed with the earphones. The inclusion of a silicone case was a very welcome addition though.

Turning on the phone revealed the bright AMOLED display, which is crisp and very detailed. The design of the phone however is the stand out feature of the device. You will find an array of Windows Phone 7 smartphones in the market, but Nokia has seen to it that nothing comes close to matching the aesthetics of the Lumia 800. The edges of the smartphone and the general feel of the device is great.

This is your standard WP7 device, but with the inclusion of a few Nokia exclusive apps, it manages to stand apart from the rest of the lineup. Nokia Music for example, is something that will grab your attention in an instant as most of the Nokia apps will be pinned to the homescreen by default. The ability to stream radio on the go is something you wish all WP7 smartphones could do. And if this doesn’t satisfy you, the Nokia Drive app will. This cool turn by turn navigation app works flawlessly even on slow connections as per my experience. These two apps in my opinion are one of the best OEM applications that I have seen so far on Windows Phones. The typing on the Lumia 800 as with all WP7 devices, is a phenomenal experience.

I was fairly impressed with the camera of the smartphone as were most other users. It managed to produce some great outdoor as well as indoor images. Video capture was equally impressive.

The phone isn’t without flaws though. In the week and a half that I used the phone, it seemed like the device ran pretty smoothly. But I had experienced a little multi-tasking problem when multiple apps were in the background, but I found that glitch on most WP7 smartphones, so it seems like a software flaw. The device also seemed to have a little battery efficiency issue which has been rectified with a software update, thanks to Nokia.

All in all, the Lumia 800 is a brilliant device worthy of all the attention it has received. You need to try it out at least once to know what I’m talking about here. The features of the device easily overshadow the glitches, so that isn’t something to worry about.

Thanks to Nokia for lending out the device, cheers.

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  • Ashley Pearson

    How did you get into reviewing stuff and then giving it back? I would love to do some of that!

  • Chethan Rao

    They approached me. But you can apply to trial Nokia devices, they send out devices to most bloggers. Search for Nokia Connects on Google. 

  • Ashu163tcs

    is it true dat nokia lumia series doesnot support bluetooth http://FTP….if it is den how cud we transfer our photos,songs…etc from other phones…

  • Thilak Rao

    Unfortunately, that’s the same case with iPhone. This feature is locked to prevent piracy.
    I’m sure there is a jailbreak for it.

  • Nirmit9221

    plz told another company’s connect portal like nokia connect

  • TechBuzz

    Bluetooth file transfer is currently not possible on Windows Phones. To do so you will have to manually connect the device to a computer and sync it with the Zune software and then transfer it to the phone of your choice. It’s a real pain to be honest. But something that you’ll get used to.

  • Thilak Rao

    Sorry, I didn’t quite get you there.