SkyDrive Apps For Mac And Windows Desktops Released

The desktop app of SkyDrive is here. Microsoft has finally launched a SkyDrive app for Mac OS X Lion and Windows desktops. The app was made available some hours ago and it seems to work flawlessly on both Windows and Mac computers. The app is very similar to DropBox as all the files are contained in one universal folder.

SkyDrive For Windows

There’s the ability to drag and drop files as well, and the syncing occurs rather quickly. On Macs, SkyDrive files can be accessed directly on the finder, so that’s something. We love how Microsoft is making changes to SkyDrive to make it more competitive. We have Google Drive on the horizon as well, so things can get a little interesting in the coming days.

And as expected, Microsoft has reduced the free SkyDrive storage for new users to 7GB, down from 25GB. The existing users have nothing to worry about though. According to Microsoft about 99.94% of the existing/old users still use less than 7GB of storage, so they can either opt out of the 25GB free storage or apply to get the full 25GB of storage as promised. Remember this particular perk is only for existing SkyDrive users and any new user will still get only 7GB of storage. And as we mentioned yesterday, extra storage will set you back by a few bucks, $10, $25 and $50 for 20, 50 and 100GB of more storage.

Existing users who want to keep the 25GB free storage can head over to this link.

SkyDrive Free Storage

Download SkyDrive for Windows and Mac OS X Lion.


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