Google Drive Leaked in a Google Plus Hangout

Google Drive

An Android developer has willingly or unwillingly revealed Google Drive for Android on a Galaxy Nexus. The new Google service which is making enough noise already is being kept a secret by Google as it doesn’t want to give away the big surprise (which is out in the open now). The developer while showing a bunch of text reflow features accidentally showed to the world, Android’s ability to share with Google Drive, apart from the usual Bluetooth, DropBox and Gmail. It’s not known if the leak was intentional, but Google was quick to take down the video.

But Google couldn’t be quick enough as the video is now live on YouTube posted by a different uploader altogether. This however, merely confirms the service’s existence and doesn’t shed any light on its features, we know a little about it though. News of Google’s new cloud based undercover project first broke cover back in February. We would love to see Google go up against DropBox which has served its users well in the past. But given Google’s resources, we believe it has a competitive edge over services like DropBox. We expect to see 5GB of free data initially with more storage being charged a fee.


This post was published by on April 23, 2012

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