Apple Will Go To Trial In The eBooks Price Fixing Issue

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Apple was accused of raising the prices of eBooks in agreement with five other major publishers. But Apple has now decided to fight that as the company is said to have not been involved in the talks with the other publishers. It was originally accused that because of Apple’s agreement with the publishers, consumers were made to pay a whole lot more than the original price. The reports state that the consumers might have lost in excess of $100 million because of the said agreement.

It is believed that the five prominent publishers met at a hotel in London to talk about increasing the prices of the eBooks, though Apple seems to have been absent from that affair. Apple’s agreement with the publishers to not sell the eBooks for cheaper elsewhere (other stores) and giving them the liberty to set their own prices is believed to have led to all this. It must be noted however that Apple doesn’t set the price of the eBooks sold in the iBookstore. If proven guilty, Apple will have to pay about $200 million in fines, which doesn’t seem like a lot for the company.

Apple’s lawyer Daniel Floyd speaking to the U.S District Court, said – “Our basic view is that we would like the case to be decided on the merits. We believe that this is not an appropriate case against us and we would like to validate that.”

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