Newly Spotted Android Malware Comes Disguised As A Software Update

Android Malware

A new malware for the Android operating system has been spotted in the wild. The continued vulnerability to malware is quite troubling indeed, and while the attacks do seem to get lesser by the day, it hasn’t been completely eliminated. It’s just that kind of an operating system, it has its pitfalls as with any other mobile operating system.

Well, the malware comes disguised as a software update so there was no way the users could make out. But thanks to the good folks over at the NQ Mobile Security Research Center, the malware has been finally spotted. Known as the UpdtBot, it has the ability to be spread over via SMS. A user receives an SMS warning him of a potential threat and asks to click on the link provided in the message so as to update the device’s software. And that’s basically how it works.

It is believed that UpdtBot’s remote server has the ability to make phone calls, send text messages from the victim’s phone etc. So it is wise to be on guard for this particular malware. If you receive any text message on your phone regarding an update, ignore it. And it behooves us to tell you that before downloading an application over at Google Play, check for all the permissions and make a note of the developer. It is equally important to check the comments and ratings for the app as well.

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This post was published by on April 12, 2012

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