Samsung Unveils Ultra Strong Water/Shock Proof SD and MicroSD Cards

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We have seen a bunch of waterproof smartphones out there, which actually has a big market. There’s the Motorola Defy, Defy Plus, Samsung Xcover, Xperia active etc which live up to their name and reputation. But how about a water/shock/magnet proof SD and microSD card? What’s the point of a rugged microSD card you might ask. Well, in the event of the device being destroyed, the card inside is protected. What makes it better is the fact that these Samsung SD and microSD cards can withstand pressure of up to 1.6 tons. So no matter what happens, it becomes really hard for your card to be destroyed. Samsung plans to bring out the cards in two ranges, the High Speed Series and the Plus Extreme Speed Series right from Class 4 to Class 10.

Samsung’s Reid Sullivan said in a statement – “It is our goal at Samsung to deliver superior performance, reliability and a stylish design across all of our product lines, including our memory line,”

Samsung will launch SD and microSD cards ranging from 2GB to 32GB. And since Samsung is synonymous with low cost accessories and smartphones, the top of the line water/magnet/shock proof SD or microSD card wouldn’t exceed $90. We should see these cards roll out anytime soon and we believe that like with water proof smartphones, this too has a market.


This post was published by on February 17, 2012

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