Analyst Predicts 9-inch Kindle Fire’s Existence

9 and 7 inch Kindle Fire

Amazon announced the Kindle Fire last year as a competition to the Apple iPad. Even though the two tablets are in a league of their own, the fight seemed to make sense. The popularity of the tablet was evident after the pre orders crossed beyond expectations. And recently the company rather mocked the iPad by mentioning that a user could purchase three Kindle Fire tablets instead of getting one iPad 2. Some marketing strategy that. But now it is being reported that the company is expanding its lineup by launching a new 9 inch Kindle Fire by mid-2012. The report comes from analyst Chad Bartley, who believes that Amazon will be refreshing the tablet this summer.

There have been numerous reports about a successor to the Kindle Fire, but this particular rumor seems very plausible. Given that a major chunk of the tablet market share is taken by the Apple iPad, something affordable like an upgraded Kindle Fire would partially make a dent at Apple’s market share. However, we’re not really sure if this 9 inch tablet will see the light of the day so we’ll consider this to be just another rumor for now. The existing Kindle Fire is a basic 7 inch tab which to be honest isn’t that big a deal in terms of tablets. Especially since we have 5 inch smartphones now. So an 8.9 or 9 inch tablet would be a welcome addition to the market.

This post was published by on February 11, 2012

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