Firefox 9 Now Available For Download

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Mozilla Corp has been following the speedy/quick update roll out schedule over the past few months to keep up with other contemporaries. And starting from yesterday, Mozilla Corp started rolling out the Firefox 9 update. The update was announced on Mozilla’s official blog yesterday so you might be lucky enough to have received the update already.

The best part about this new update is the support for two finger swiping for Mac OS X Lion users. Also the updated JavaScript engine (Type Inference) brings forth a performance boost of 30% which should woo sites that are based on JavaScript. The download is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Firefox for Android has also been updated, which can be downloaded from the Android Market just as easily. Head over to Mozilla’s website for more on the new update.


Firefox For Windows

Firefox For Mac

Firefox For Linux

This post was published by on December 21, 2011

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  • Odesanya Taiwo

    Is like they have produced everything and so they just released them at different interval but still fire fox is a great browser and I love this version. Thanks for sharing this