Google Intros The Google+ Project In Competition To Facebook

The Google+ Project

With Google recently launching the +1 button, very few of us would have expected a social network in the making. And now Google has revealed a new social networking idea which is to be called Google+ (Google Plus). The Google+ Project as Google calls it, seems like a full-fledged competitor to Facebook. The service is just starting off, so some flaws could be spotted, but either way it’s a brave attempt to have a go on Facebook. What we like about the first look of the Google+ Project is the user interface, which for now looks very neat.

Other aspects of the network include +Circles, which is like a group where you add your friends or family in one group. You may have a number of different circles where you add people you’ve come across from various aspects of your life. Say from your office, your hometown or your school and neighbourhood. This basically brings together a group of different people in one place.

Next up in the Google+ Project is +Sparks. +Sparks is like a trending feature as seen on Twitter available in your home screen. Users can search for their favourite topics and share the same with their Circle(s). This is again an improved version of the Facebook sharing feature with emphasis being laid on who you share your stuff with.

Moving on, we find the +Hangouts feature. I personally love this feature a lot. Well basically when you find your friends online on IM, the first thing you do is ping. But little do you know if they are busy with something or that they do not want you to interrupt them. Well, with +Hangouts, users can make themselves available in a separate space. You can select a circle and then see who is hanging out, which by the way also enables video chats making it one fun place for all your friends to hangout. You can have a video conversation with up to 10 friends.

It is obvious that Google would implement the Google+ Project on mobile devices (Android) as well. This service will be called +Mobile. +Mobile will bring an array of sharing features to the table. Users can share their location to every post they send, which can be easily toggled of course. And using Android smartphones users can easily share pictures in a go. When a picture is taken, it silently gets stored in the cloud. Users can then log in and select which ones to upload and which ones to dump. Pretty cool right?

Google +Huddle is a group messaging feature which will let you arrange plans with your friends in a jiffy. All of your friends can be connected in a conversation and you can get opinions and make plans or just have a casual conversation about something you saw during the day.

Well, it seems like Google is going hard at Facebook. The Google+ network certainly has the legs to go far. As of now, the Google+ Project is an invitation only service, so anybody can’t get in. But Google is set to change that pretty soon. But we’re not exactly sure as to when that would be.

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  • Ashley Pearson

    Looking good. I look forward to seeing more stuff about Google plus on Tech Buzz!

  • Don Singer

    Love love the Google plus circles!  FB is too all inclusive even with the security settings.