Apple WWDC 2011 Announcements: Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, iCloud and More

The WWDC 2011 has just ended in San Francisco and we have a bunch of new announcements from Apple. Firstly the announcement of iOS 5 as we had all expected, plus details about Mac OS X Lion and iCloud. The addition of a few handy elements on iOS 5 is the highlight of the event. Apple first demonstrated the Mac OS X Lion, followed by iOS 5(10 features demoed out of 200), Safari and iCloud.

Lion will be bringing with it over 250 new features. Multi touch gesture controls is found in most Macbooks, so Apple has decided to build it into the OS. Apple then demoed the Mac App Store and other new features that come with Lion.

iOS :

First off, Apple’s notifications system has been rather disappointing to say the least. Well, Apple is planning to change that with a single spot with all your important notifications displayed in a bar like layout called the “Notification Center”. Users will have to scroll their finger from top to bottom. Apple has also improved the Twitter integration with a single sign on. For every application that you download from the App Store, you will have to confirm your Twitter credentials and not log in with your username and password all over again, basically a time saving feature. And Apple has integrated deeply with Twitter this time, with the ability to share read articles on Safari, or share pictures from your gallery and camera as well. With iOS 5 Apple will be introducing the “Split Keyboard” feature which is basically a easy to use keyboard with which you can type using your thumbs. Also, all the update on iOS 5 will now be provided over the air (OTA). The iOS 5 will be made available this fall and will be compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1 and 2 and iPod Touch devices 3rd Gen and above.


Apple has improved the user experience with the default iOS browser (Safari) by implementing the “Reader” feature as seen on the desktop version of the browser. Also enabled is the “Reading List” feature, wherein you can save an article on the web and read it later at your leisure and convenience and it seamlessly syncs with Macs, Windows Desktops and iOS devices. Tabbed Browsing is also enabled on Safari for iOS 5 (finally). Users can now easily switch between tabs without having waste much time. Of course, one could switch to a window on iOS 4, but here all the tabs will be clearly visible on top.


The basic iOS camera will be subject to some enhancements, mostly functionality based. You can now access the camera with a shortcut button in the lock screen. Irrespective of your phone’s security pass code availability, pressing the button will let you take a few snaps. Users can also take snaps by pressing the volume up button on the device and pinch to zoom function now available when taking snaps as well. Enhancement features are taken care of with a one click access to the iPhoto app to edit and give the picture your personal touch.


A feature known as iMessage will be launched which will be a competitor to the well established BlackBerry Messenger. This basically would connect with all your iOS 5 devices, which basically means that you can start typing a message and start again from where you left with your iPad or the iPod Touch. You can also click pictures and share it in iMessage, not just text. Works over 3G and WiFi


iCloud as we all know is cloud based storage service, and this time Apple has taken the cloud service a step further. By seamlessly integrating it with all iOS devices. Say you have an iPad and you upload a file. Say you add a new file, the iCloud service basically pushes it to all your devices (wire-free). Similarly, you can sync your mail, calendar and contacts on iCloud. The best part however is that the iCloud service will be provided by Apple for free. The iCloud Storage APIs will also be launched for the developers, which is pretty good news for the devs. iCloud also includes, “Photo Stream” which saves all your photos to the cloud without having to manually do it, cool eh? And the auto upload will be carried out to Macs as well. And lastly the “iTunes in the Cloud” feature, this basically will send all the newly purchased music to the cloud and other iOS devices that you have, free of cost. For a user to activate the iCloud feature, all he has to do is login with his Apple ID and that’s it, you’ll be good to go. But users will have to wait till Fall for the iOS 5 to be finally released.

And that’s about it. We might have missed a few new features, so let us know about it in the comments section below.

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