How To Uninstall Software on Windows With One Click

You need to uninstall a particular software in Windows. You go to the Control Panel, select the Add/Remove Programs option and then select the appropriate software and uninstall it.

Always wanted a simpler and easier method to do so? Well, your wish has been granted. You can now add an uninstall option into the context menu of each application and save yourself from the long process.

Uninstall With One Click

The tiny application ‘Menu Uninstaller‘ adds an Uninstall option to the context menu of program shortcut icon. So, to uninstall a software, just right click on the program shortcut and choose “Uninstall”. As simple as that.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all the info

  • tech84

    You also better be careful when you have that open every time you right click on programs because you might accidentally uninstall apps that you still use.

  • Abhinav

    thanks for the post ……..this is a superb apps

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    Seems very hand. I will sure give it a try