How To Make Firefox Look Like Google Chrome

The Firefox 4 browser has undergone a complete design change and now it looks more beautiful and compact. But a few of us never really liked the title bar and the menu bar. If you are also one of those who like the simplistic design of Google Chrome, then you are in luck. You can now easily implement it to your Firefox Browser by using the FXChrome add-on.

It’s quite simple to add it to your Firefox browser. Just enter the FXChrome add-on page and install it. After finishing the installation, restart Firefox. Now Firefox should look exactly like Google Chrome.

There is however one little catch, it misses the close button on opened tabs. To close a tab, you need to right click and choose the close option.

FXChrome is available for both Windows and Linux version of the Firefox browser.

Chrome Style For Firefox Chrome Style For Firefox (2)


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