Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango) To Bring 500 New Features To The Platform [Updated]

Windows Phone 7 VIP Preview

Windows Phone 7 has been subject to severe scrutiny by all for its lack of essential features that one expects to see on a smartphone, we’re talking about multitasking here. And the said flaw is supposed to be rectified and taken care of with the OS’ Mango update (a.k.a Windows Phone 7.1) which will include a lot of other features, well 500 of them as said by Steve Ballmer himself. He revealed this info while speaking at the Japanese Microsoft Developer Forum 2011. Microsoft will announce the Mango update tomorrow at the Windows Phone 7 VIP preview event.

The new features will considerably improve performance on the platform. The features include multi tasking support for third party apps, Office 365 and SkyDrive support, ability to add custom ringtones, new mobile app of Microsoft Lync, inclusion of IE9 Mobile, a slightly revamped Marketplace, over 1500 new APIs and support for more languages to name a few.

Interestingly, sources suggest that 9 new Windows Phone 7  handsets are to be unveiled/revealed tomorrow at the Windows Phone 7 VIP preview. This VIP event is said to include the unveiling of WP7 running devices from four different brands which include 4 from Samsung, 2 each from HTC and Acer and 1 from Dell. The list includes the 16 MP camera possessing HTC Bresson which we wrote about more than a month ago and also Dell‘s full QWERTY keyboard handset the Wrigley. Frankly we are quite confused as to what to get excited about. The launch of 9 new WP7 handsets is something that we’ll be closely looking at though.

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