Firefox Add-on to Download Music from Grooveshark

Grooveshark LogoGrooveshark has pretty much changed the way we listen to music. We no longer need to worry about copying songs from our desktop to our laptop or smartphone, just so that we can listen to them while you are on the move. Grooveshark lets you enjoy music, share it and even subscribe to your friends playlist. Though we love the idea of cloud hosted music services such as Grooveshark and the benefits associate, we are not entirely ready to ditch our offline music library. Last month, we wrote about a tool called Groovedown which lets you download songs from Grooveshark in a convenient MP3 format. Groovedown pretty much did what it’s meant to do, but now there is a new kid in the block, who does it even better – Groove Shredder.

Download Music from Grooveshark

Download Music from Grooveshark with Firefox

Groove Shredder is an experimental extension for Firefox that lets you download Grooveshark music while listening to them on Grooveshark itself. Once installed, the add-on will pop-up “Save As” dialogue box whenever you start listening to a song on Grooveshark.

Groove Shredder Download from Grooveshark

Works great, but if you are completely hooked to Grooveshark, you will have to keep disabling the extension every now and then. You won’t be able to stream music from Grooveshark with the add-on enabled, and it gets pretty annoying when the add-on popups up the save dialogue each time a new music starts playing. Even though the author says there is a button to toggle Groove Shredder on and off, we weren’t able to find it after installation.

Considering it’s still in a very experimental stage, and works with the latest version of Firefox (3.5 – 4.2a1pre). We say, it’s worth checking out! – Get it from Mozilla Add-ons

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