450 Freefacebook Credits for Free [Facebook Scam]

Yet another Facebook Scam, this time under the pretext of offering free Facebook credits. The signature of the scam looks like this:

Free Facebook Credits Scam

Get your free 450 Facebook credits…NO surveys NO waste of time no task its totaly free the first 5000 this promo is available for the first 1000 persons only… CHECK IT OUT & ENJOY… i got mine and it works get yours here

Clicking on the link will take you to a page hosted on blogspot. Bogus, scammy links like these are usually try to leverage free services such as Blogger for their malicious behavior, and this should be a warning sign for innocent users. The page tries to convince Facebook users that they are sponsored by some gaming advertisers who pay them.

Next, you will be asked to “Like” some pages (scams like these always have a hidden motive), and then they ask you to share it 4 times on Facebook. Clicking on this button will take you to another page filled with surveys and suspicious advertisement:

Free Facebook Credits Scam - 2

Free Facebook Credits Scam - 3

Since you shared his links on your wall, your friends will also fall for this trick. You should never share suspicious links like these on Facebook. Always remember Facebook never hosts their offers outside facebook.com domain. If you come across this scam on your wall, immediately delete it by pressing “x” icon at the upper right corner of the post. Join our fan page to stay informed on scam like these before you fall for it.

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