Google Chrome 11 Graduates from Beta

Google just pushed Chrome 11 out of beta, and into stable release. A total of 25 various security related issues have been fixed in Chrome 11, most to them rated high to medium affecting mostly Linux and Mac Chrome users. Google spent $16,500 on security researchers to uncover the security loopholes in Chrome. As Martin puts it, Google Chrome is now sharing its highest browser version crown with Opera.

Chrome 11 has ditched its old fancy logo to much calmer looking flat logo:

Chrome 11 Stable

Speech to Text, Text to Speech: Google has built one of the newest web technologies into Chrome 11, which enables users to speak into the text box instead typing with keyboard. Not a lot of website supports this feature at present, so you can’t just talk to draft your emails just yet. You can try it at Google Translator. Click on the little microphone icon, and speak. Google Translator will translate and you can ‘Listen’ to the translation.

Chrome 11 - Speech to Text

GPU-Accelerated 3D CSS: Chrome 11 brings GPU accelerated CSS rendering, which will helps web developers achieve 3 dimensional effects by harnessing the computer’s graphics capabilities.

Mozilla will probably bring HTML5 based speech-to-text in Firefox 5 or 6, both are due for release later this year. Browser war is turning out to be in favor of superior web technologies.

Link: How to Update Google Chrome

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