BlackBerry Curve Touch to be Announced at BlackBerry World Next Month

RIM are holding the BlackBerry World event next month in Orlando from May 3rd to 5th. The unveiling of the BlackBerry Curve Touch is one of the many highlights that the event will offer. According to reports, the Curve Touch will be available on T-Mobile’s network by June or July perhaps. This version of the device(CDMA) will be known as the BlackBerry Malibu. Apparently, the BlackBerry Curve Touch will be very identical to the BlackBerry Touch.

BlackBerry Curve Touch

With Android and iOS leading the pack, it’s high time BlackBerry got back into the game. The BlackBerry Torch though was a touchscreen plus QWERTY phone, received negative reviews because of the poor display performance. Hopefully RIM learns from its previous mistakes this time around.

This post was published by on April 24, 2011

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