Remove Browser Toolbar from Chrome, Firefox, IE using Toolbar Cleaner

Freeware – Every now and then we tend to unintentionally install toolbars and browser add-on which we never use. Typically these toolbars come bundled with free software packages. Developers usually bundle these toolbars to help cover their hosting bills and other overheads involved in making free software, so you cannot truly blame them.

These toolbars not only slowdown your browser, but also time and again crash your browser altogether. They are painfully ugly to look at, and sometimes (like in the case of Vuze Toolbar for Chrome), it is even very hard to uninstall as there is no straight way of doing it. That’s exactly where Toolbar Cleaner comes into work.

Toolbar Cleaner as the name suggests removes toolbars from multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox with a single click and does it efficiently. Screenshot:


It is a 748Kb download, and needs you to be logged in with administrator privileges. Run the program, and it will display the entire list of toolbars installed (both active and inactive). Just select the toolbar from the list and click “Remove Selected Toolbar(s)” to remove the toolbar from your browser. Get Toolbar Cleaner

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