Download Songs from Grooveshark using Groovedown

Download Grooveshark Grooveshark is a very popular online music search engine/music streaming website. According to Wikipedia, they presently stream over 50 to 60 million songs per month. Grooveshark lets its users to search for music, stream music and even upload music free of charge. Streaming music however isn’t the best part. They have personalized recommendation system called “Grooveshark Radio” which finds music that suite your taste based on “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” feedback. You can listen to Grooveshark radio and then add your favorite songs to playlist, which is accessible via web or from your iPhone or Android device. That being said, there is no easy way of downloading songs from Grooveshark. You cannot download songs from Grooveshark and make it play in your car stereo, or listen to it from your iPod. To overcome this limitation, you must download the song to your computer.

Previously, downloading songs from Grooveshark involved installing Firefox add-on + Orbit downloader. Downloading music in bulk wasn’t possible or painful to say the least. But not anymore, thanks to Groovedown.

How to Download Music from Grooveshark?

Groovedown is third party software which works on Windows, Linux and Mac. You can use the portable program to download music straight from Just go to and download Groovedown.

Extract the Groovedown.rar to some location, open Groovedown.exe and download songs from Grooveshark:

Download Music from Grooveshark

Once downloaded, you can add it to iTunes or burn it on a DVD and use it wherever you want

Update: There is a new Firefox extension, which can download music from Grooveshark while you are listening to them. Check it out!

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  • SciLor

    Also try SciLor’s grooveshark™.com Downloader


  • Ishdafishmusic

    I am appalled at the fact that people can download songs without any consideration of the fact that they are ripping off the copywriter owner music. it is no longer about the artist just the misguided attitude that others have the right to any thing they can find. You have the right to listen to music but not steal it. Maybe I should have the right to steal your paycheque from time to time.

  • Ric

    It is not the same thing! Stealing paycheck is stealing, but copying music is copying!

  • stupidmofos

    STFU. really? boohoo. if someone already bought the damn song and people are taking it from that person, its just like borrowing a cd from someone. get over it

  • AlejAndro Elzáurdia

    Bitch… Please…. when music stops being so expensive, then you will have a point… I don’t know if you are aware but here it is, in Mexico and Latin America, if you would of pay for every single album/song u have on your iPod, you will be wasting around 10 times a minimum salary per month and since people in general just have enough to waste in groceries, education, and necessary stuff for their daily living, how come you tell them they can’t have music without paying the excessive prices that copyrights have, sacrificing part of their economical needs… tell those faggots to be more logical, they all artist are excessively rich with the existance of piracy and you want to make them even more?? I remember a quote that said: “don’t waste more than you really need” and they rich enough to cover their needs over 50 times or more…. while common class people can handle their family with almost no remaining part of the money they earn a month….. just be logic dude

  • brad

    you’re an ass! music at $0.99 per song is dead cheap you idiot. 99.9 percent of musicians live in poverty you son of an effing idiot! And they get such a small % of this that it is irrelevant and impossible to make a decent living. Get over your arrogant self Bitch..Please!

  • Paramjit Atwal

    I have 20 gigs of music. DO you have any idea how much I’d have to pay for all that?
    I pay for songs/artists that I really like and want to support. If I could only get music by downloading, those I paid for I’d buy again. Otherwise, nope.

  • Bhavani Abe

    You can…….which is called identification fraud… which honestly there is not consequence………as far as music downloading is concerned… is the universal language….and a way to convey a message through sound. Music is made everyday……I make music you make music…. Every single sound can be made into music. Many artists make thier own music and many artists sample music or are given information to make their music (songs, inspiration, lyrics). As far as copyrights go….the whole idea of having a sng and copywriting it is insane… I have a right to a specific beat and sound only for the benefit of me….then if that is the case most “artist” are not artists. Most music artist grew up poor and through music transformed thier lives… To simply state what you have just said means that simply because you do not have the financial means to access the music you cannot listen when downloaded is completely appalling. Music is made to simulate, to generate, and to covey and invoke a feeling being felt by another…majority of these artists will agree music is meant to be felt …not gain by profit….