Sony Ericsson further delays the launch of Xperia Play, Arc and Neo

Xperia Arc

Sony has been dearly hit by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Their production unit in Japan has been affected and is now affecting their new launches. Apparently, Sony Ericsson is facing a supply shortage for the new devices set for launch; the Xperia Play, Arc and Neo. This means that the launch could be further delayed.

Dealers delayed the sale of the the Xperia Play in the UK because of a nagging software issue, but some dealers went forward with the launch. Some international markets have mentioned an April launch. But it seems like that wouldn’t be possible. Reports claim that this device could be delayed till Q3 of this year, meaning that users could have to wait even more to get their hands on the Xperia Play, Arc and Neo. This is a major setback for Sony Ericsson who planned to launch their flagship devices as soon as possible. Let’s hope things work out well for Sony and they cope up with the rising production demands.

This post was published by on April 9, 2011

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