Sony to Launch a Honeycomb Tablet in the US Within Summer

As rumored before, it is now confirmed that Sony will be launching a Honeycomb tablet, earlier than we may have expected. CEO of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, gave out this information like he did yesterday when he revealed that the next iPhone would sport Sony manufactured cameras. This info was published by Japanese newspaper Nikkei. Apparently the tablet will be launched in the US first rather than Japan, which is a surprise.

Sir. Stringer revealed that a Honeycomb powered tablet is definitely on the cards for Sony and could be launched as early as this summer or by the end of summer. A rumor about a PlayStation certified tablet from Sony was also being talked about, there’s no sufficient info available to prove or disprove this though. And a PlayStation Certified tablet without a physical keyboard is kind of hard imagine. But we never know, innovation is the name of the game these days.

With so many tablets launching around us, it was inevitable that Sony would also come up with their own. Let’s hope an early launch and some snapshots of the device as well.


This post was published by on April 4, 2011

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