Firefox 4 Final Officially Available for Download

After several months of Release Candidates and beta releases, Mozilla has finally raised the curtains for Firefox 4. You can go to and download your copy right now. This new version of Firefox was long overdue, especially due to Chrome and Opera making rapid advancements with their interface and JavaScript engine.

What’s new in Firefox 4?

1.       Shiny new interface. The top menu has been ditched in favor of a single button with all frequently used options (just like Opera)

2.       The new JägerMonkey JavaScript engine, which renders pages faster than any previous version of Firefox, although it still lags behind Chrome in terms of speed.

3.       Application pinning and tab grouping – Firefox 4 lets you pin your most frequently visited sites (just like how you can pin applications to your Windows 7 task bar). You can also group your tabs like for instance, you can group all your work related tabs into a different section and personal tabs into another one.

4.       Enhanced HTML5 capabilities such as new form elements, high-definition hardware-accelerated WebM video and 3D WebGL.

5.       CSS3 support for transition and transformation

6.       Bookmark, open tabs, history, preference and password synchronization between other Firefox installations on Android.

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s an introductory video posted on Mozilla Blog some weeks ago:


Firefox 4 is available in 70 localized languages, and installs on all operating systems. Will Firefox be able to catch up with the rapidly growing Chrome? Hard to say, but Firefox still remains the browser of my choice because of all the must-have add-ons such as Firebug and Web Developer Extension for developers. The last time we tried Firefox 4 RC, Firebug was not compatible with Firefox 4. Hopefully with the final release out of the door, extension developers will focus more on making their extensions available for Firefox 4.

Update: Check real-time download statistics of Firefox 4 here.

Stay tuned for more Firefox 4 relevant news!

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