Windows 8 to include “Reset to Factory Default” Option

Window users definitely know the obvious problem with the operating system. Over numerous months, junk seem to hoard and slowly but steadily degrade the performance of your computer. It’s not something new and Windows users are usually accustomed to the routine task of popping in the disk, and formatting the hard drive.

If you believe in geeky gossip, it is reported that Microsoft is working on introducing “Reset to factory default” option like seen on our iPhones and iPods. The source of this rumor is a set of leaked presentation slides, like this one:

Although this sounds like a very captivating feature, I wonder if OEMs will bundle it with their crapware. If they do, this feature would completely remain pointless. For most tech-savvy users, a re-install is a simple 20 minute job. These days, re-installing the OS is no different than installing Call of Duty.

That being said, most laptops or even desktops for that matter, don’t ship with OS disk. They come pre-installed with a licensed operating system, and this feature could be a lifesaver in such a situation. Netbook users would also find it super handy to compensate for the lack of DC/DVD tray.

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    Is there a source for the screenshots or slideshow? They don’t quite match up to what we’ve seen in the screenshots