Latest version of Google Latitude updated with new features

Google have come up with the latest version of Google Maps 5.1 with a few updated features. Google Latitude as you may know lets you share your current location with your friends. But with this updated version, users can “check in” to a particular place and let their friends know about it. And not just their friends, even strangers now will know if they have checked in to some place and know who has been there. And instead of awarding badges for the frequently visited places, users would now be updated with a range of statuses like Regular, VIP or Guru based on the frequency of their visits.

Google Latitude (1)Google Latitude (2)

You will still be able to let your friends know about your current location. This feature gives more meaning to the location and makes it easier for you to pick places based on the reviews your friends or other users have given.

Google Latitude (3)Google Latitude (4)

via Google Mobile

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