Yahoo! Opens Up and for Email Addresses

yahoo_logo Yahoo! Mail has started offering email accounts under two new domain names – and Yahoo! Mail being the grand daddy of all free webmail services (with over 266 million users worldwide) started way back in 2007. Hence finding a suitable email address without some extras in it is pretty impossible. Nearly

Back in 2007, when Yahoo! acquired Four11 Corp (RocketMail) for $80 million, they offered free email address under the Yahoo domain to avoid confusion and build brand. Existing RocketMail users were allowed to keep their addresses, but Yahoo didn’t allow any new sign-ups under that domain name. and will have all the same features of Yahoo! domain, which includes unlimited storage. If you couldn’t find the right email handle with Yahoo last time, maybe this is the time to grab your favorite address, while it’s still available.

Via: USA Today

This post was published by on June 20, 2008

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  • Nicole Price

    Unless one is starting off with a fresh email account, why would anyone change from an established email account? I think that yahoo is lost. Unless they promote this for new comers, which in any case is likely to be a small volume, unless they do it repeatedly, they are likely to bomb!

  • Fahad

    Hmm interesting. I like the domain. I might just open up an email account there. Thanks for pointing this service out Thilak! :)

  • Pallab

    Read about this yesterday at mashable.
    ymail isnt a bad domain. But rocketmail is just too long. A 10 letter domain for email service isnt very cool.

  • Julian

    This is cool, but i’ve grown very attached to my Gmail account..

  • Goran web design

    Its always nice to get onto these guys early so that we can get decent addresses that people actually remember as appose to Thanks for the heads up will head over there to go and check it out. Thanks.

  • Z

    Damn Yahoo Is Big

  • 800HighTech

    I have always preferred using Yahoo mail, I especially like the yahoo messenger feature which is integrated into the mail box….
    Offering out new ways to snap up your required email address is all fair and well however, with Google Android going well, Apple looking to fight back (open source?) the internet battle for supremacy hardly seems focused on email addresses..
    Nice touch, but not ground breaking enough for the email giants..

  • Eva White

    You know ages ago I used to have a rocket mail id. But then i just stopped using it. Good to see that they are reviving it again.

  • SEO Man

    One way of growing Yahoo’s email subscriber base…good for them, and for consumers who are able to have more relevant free email adresses.

  • ronit

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  • Gadgets

    yeh, they sent me mail too
    i quickly registered my 2 favorite names which i was not able to do with ;)

  • poppins

    I prefer yahoo mail,but i think im gonna swich to rocketmail.

  • srikanth

    i change yahoo to

  • http://rocketmail rachel lively

    I use rocketmail as my e-mail carrier and it seems so difficult to get into my e-mail!!! Please let me know the best(easiest)way to access it from my laptop. Overall, I’m satisfied with it! Thank you!

  • Milind

    I have opened the account. But it won’t open through the What should i do.. do i left the account or wait for the ans….. alternate email id is

  • cman

    I thought it was cool because after school I allways cheek it so it is convient (cant spell)!!!!! :)