Firefox 3 Gets Another Release Candidate

firefox_rc2 The second Release Candidate of Firefox 3 was made available for developer testing and community feedback. If you are already running Firefox 3 RC1, then don’t expect to see any new features because RC2 is all about bug fixes and other under the hood performance tweaks.

Firefox 3 RC2 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac in over 45 languages. If you are already running Firefox 3 RC1, then go to Help > Check for Updates and upgrade to RC2, else just get it from here.

Hopefully, this is the last release candidate before the final release, which is expected to happen at some time later this month.

This post was published by on June 5, 2008

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  • DeeMX

    Today I have installed FF RC2. FF install correctly but said what most of my addons isn’t supported :( I’m rollback to FF

  • SEO Man

    Can’t wait for Firefox 3 to be released later this month. This should be 99% of the final release version. Remember to sign up for the world record attempt for most software downloaded in one day on the official release date. Hope their servers are up to the task….heheheheh

  • Eva White

    Clearing out old glitches will make this version even better.

  • Dr SEO

    Apparently there are still problems with RC2. So I would not be surprised if they were to release the 3rd one as well.

  • Nicole Price

    I shall upgrade from 3RC1.

  • Wii

    ….runs off to get download going….

    It’s always amused me, why do they call it candidate. Is it like an app going before the app interview panel? lol