Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

On Friday, Mozilla released Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1, which means exactly as the tag says: unless any major bugs are reported, Firefox 3 RC1 is going to be the final version of Firefox 3, which is planned for June.

Windows Vista users will notice a slight visual refresh. The Bookmark Organizer or "Library" now has a black glossy interface, which resemble with Vista’s looks and feel. The line which separates toolbars from the address bar has now been removed. "Clear" button has been put back into Firefox 3′s download manager.


Help documentation has been removed from the installation, instead, it will now be available online. That way, it will be easier for them to change their documentation without actually releasing a new version of Firefox.


Performance wise, Firefox 3 RC1 is faster and better than previous builds. This is not the final release, so bugs can still exist within the next generation browser. Firefox 3 RC1 is available in 45 different languages for Windows, Linux and Mac. As usual, it won’t work on any operating system prior to Windows 2000.

Download Firefox 3 Release Candidate | Release Notes

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  • Ralph

    I will check it out later today, but will see first if there are no many bugs reported before updating.

  • narendra.s.v

    this one looks good! ;)

  • SEO Man

    Firefox version 3 is upon us! Another great example of the success that open source software can enjoy if embraced by the community. Anybody who has migrated to Firefox from IE is unlikely to revert back to their old ways. May this latest incarnation of Firefox serve to win many more converts in the browser wars!

  • Wii

    I’ve been testing this and haven’t found anything yet that blows me away. The back button is massive and a slightly different main bar which is taking a bit to get used to.

  • Ralph

    So far only reading only good about that version, I think I will be upgrading soon.

  • Nathaniel

    Upgrading! I am a Firefox fan and a Vista user! It works well!

  • Eva White

    This should work out well. Lets get it and see.