How to Identify a Song by its Music

There are many occasions where I want to buy a song which I just heard, but I don’t know the title of that song. Typically, we would ask someone’s help to know the title, but I just found a cool piece of software named Tunatic that can hear a song and then identify the artist’s name and the song’s title. It’s available for both Windows and Mac OS X, and best of all, it’s free!

You’ll need a microphone and an internet connection. Just install and run Tunatic, hum the sound into your microphone and click on the magnifying glass icon. It’ll send the data to their online database and search for a match. If a match is found, it’ll return the title of the song along with a link for more information.


Tip: If you don’t have a microphone, try plugging your sound source to your computer using an inexpensive audio cable. Tunatic will work even better, since no quality loss in involved. To find what’s playing in your own computer, there is an even better option. Some sound cards allow you to select what you hear as input. To do this, simply right-click Tunatic’s window, select "preferences", then click the "Configure…" button. Alternatively, you may even plug your sound output as your sound input.

Looks like Tunatic has been around for a while. I’m not sure, how I missed such great software? I found it on Shankar Ganesh’s blog post entitled Top 10 Free Programs to make the most out of your MP3 Collection.

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  • Jawwad @ Inspired Geek

    Yeah it does look very interesting. I will take a look. I have not heard about it either.

  • Fahad

    Looks like a very useful app. Although I doubt I will be needing it much, I am anxious to try it out on some songs. Lets see how it goes…

  • Nathaniel

    This sounds useful. And not just to buy a song. I was over at friends house a few weeks ago, heard some songs, but forgot or didn’t know the titles, and so I had to ask him to email me the list of songs I heard. Now I can just use this.

  • Steve Elliott

    How cool is that.

    Only trouble is, how do we get songs out of our heads – plug the mic into our ears?

    Nice find though. In all seriousness this has to be worth a look.

  • Tech Roach

    Cool !!!111 man

  • Syahid A.

    The problem is sometimes I can just humm.. the melody. :D

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  • Vincent

    It probably won’t work by just humming, as stated in the FAQ. It will be several times more useful if it can even identify a song by listening to our hum. :p

  • Thilak

    Vincent: By humming, I actually meant moving mic closer to the sound source. Sorry for the confusion btw.

  • Dr SEO

    There was a service on the net somewhere where you could simply blaaa blaaa blaaaaaaa into your microphone and it would recognise the song… If the song is in their database…. Sometimes…

  • Buying Cameras

    Thats really good! There is a service where you can play a song down the phone and it recognizes it.

  • Stefanie

    I don’t think I’d ever use this. If I have the song there to play, I can always take a chunk of the lyrics and search them in Google to get the answer pretty quickly. It’s the stuff you hear and don’t actually have that’s hard to find.

  • Julian

    This is perfect for me… Thanks a lot… I hate when i can’t find the name of a song. I usually try to remember a couple lyrics to search for.

  • robert

    Please help me.I don’t no the artist/song ho interpreted this song.

  • robert

    I need an e-mail by your’s, I want to sent you a song,I don’t no ho is the artist/song.Thank’s

  • anonymous

    it didnt recognize the song i wanted so i tested it with lady gaga and it didnt recogize her either.

  • anonymous

    it didnt recognize the song i wanted so i tested it with lady gaga and it didnt recogize her either.

  • Frustrated User

    doesnt work. it told me “comatose” by “skillet” was “tanz mit der…” something from another lanuage.

  • Arne Olav

    The problem with Tunatic, is that it can't find the songs you really don't know; only pop music and stuff where you can search from the lyrics. Sony Ericsson's TrackID is way out of this leauge!

  • Cheuno

    No mames, que buena aplicacion.

  • nistelroi

    Welcome to russian Tunatic site