Internet Explorer 8 under Private Beta

Microsoft has dispatched the first technical preview of their next generation browser, Internet Explorer 8, to a selected group of testers. At the moment, not much is known about IE8, but as usually I’ll expect these testers to reveal leak-out some information regarding the browser’s looks and new features that it has to offer.

Few months back, Microsoft proudly announced that they have passed web standards test (Acid2) on Internet Explorer 8. We were a little confused regarding this announcement because it was said that IE8 will render the Acid smile on “IE8 standards mode”. It’s still not known whether IE8 has any secondary rendering method.

Microsoft is planning on showing Internet Explorer 8 at Mix 08 conference at Las Vegas in early March. Although the official target for the launch date hasn’t been set, it seems as if Microsoft is trying to roll-out Internet Explorer 8 to general public at around the same time as Firefox 3.

[Source: Mary Jo Foley]

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  • Nathaniel

    Internet explorer 8! I hope it’s for vista too. I know they don’t always make it for all the systems. Though I think Firefox is better, more protection and better add-ons and other stuff, it’s not my primary browser because because I don’t have all the plugins and upgrades yet, and it’s a pain to fix everything like IE.

  • Wilhelm H

    You can take it for granted that it will work in Vista.

    Although it seems that the biggest focus is in ensuring better rendering of standards, I hope something can be done to ensure that third party plug-ins won’t break or hang the browser. This is a problem with both IE and Firefox.