Get the new SMS 2.0 from Airtel

Airtel, India’s largest mobile network with insane number of subscribers came up with a new idea called SMS 2.0. It’s basically a mobile application dealing with text messaging.

Over a period of time everything (email, IM… etc) seem to be evolved, but SMS is still an old man’s postal mail with its dull and usual features. Airtel created SMS 2.0 with an intention to overcome the boring default text editor of your phone.

What is SMS 2.0?

SMS 2.0 is a free upgrade to your existing or default SMS application. Once installed, it enhances your messaging capabilities by replacing the existing application and including features like emoticons, colors etc. It can also deliver your favorite content to your mobile.

Follow these steps to get SMS 2.0 on your Airtel mobile phone:

  • Go to Airtel SMS 2.0 page and click download SMS 2.0 for free.
  • Now you will be prompted to enter your 10 digit Airtel number (Prepaid/Postpaid) in a pop up box.
  • Once you enter and click send button, you will shortly receive a service message from Airtel
  • Open up the service message and click the link to download Airtel sms 2.0 app. Note you need Airtel live to be activated before. If you haven’t activated send a message “alive” to 202, once activated send a message “live” to 2567 to get settings from Airtel.
  • Once you downloaded, install the application and restart the phone. Now SMS 2.0 will be installed successfully in your phone replacing your default SMS editor.
  • Whenever you read a message a small box is placed below it which shows your favorite content from Airtel. When you click the box, it gets maximized and you can read more about it. Currently there are 12 categories like Cricket, Movies, Jokes, Music, Sports, Fun & Games, News, Lifestyle, Travel & Food, InfoTech, Business and Spirituality.

Snippet: Airtel simultaneously uses the box to display ads related to the categories. Unfortunately this application and service is available only for Airtel (Prepaid/Postpaid) subscribers all the states and compatible with Nokia (GPRS enabled phones) handsets only. Others have to wait until they build an application for your phone.

Also by installing this application, they prompt you to register. By registering you create a SMS 2.0 profile which tells your age, gender and content preferences. So they can customize content for you.

Guest Post by: Sankar Anand

This post was published by on February 10, 2008

About the Author: Thilak Rao works as a Social Media Expert. He is one of the first professional bloggers from India, and he loves to write, travel and click photos. Follow him on Twitter @thilak

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    I thought that the whole point of SMS is that its short and simple.

  • Nathaniel

    Sounds like a great upgrade!

  • Raj

    And why would anybody use this?

    To receive targeted spam from Airtel rather than the generic one?

  • Brij

    This feature is limited to limited nokia models……when can we expect support for other sets like sony-erricson ,motorola ,samsung

  • bhavik shah

    ohhh thats good news……so when i am travelling i can use this for SMS and sending email too…..i will read info on this when i will have some time….thanks for the info

  • aravindh

    well its not actually created by airtel. Its actually’ affle sms ‘ . It was launched some 5 months before. I downloaded in my n72 but no change.

  • Prince

    Is it possible for me to read my SMS online (with out using my mobile device)?

  • Jenson

    Great technology…. Thanx….

  • Nanak

    Hi i have downloaded the new sms2.0 on my nokia n73 but i am facing a problem if someone can please help me i will really be thankfull.
    Whenever i send an sms to anybody at the end of the message my name appears which i dont want.
    I tried calling the airtel help line and they said that you need to go to the option of sms setting and then go to options of signature and there you have to say no. But i dont see any option of signature kindkly help .

  • harmin

    can u plz tell me when can this feature be used in phones like motorola?

  • prit.

    link expired. Check it.

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    I cant get download file of sms2.0…im gettin error while clicking download link…pls help..

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    its very good and execellant

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    Vats thakur says: This is nice,but its already offered by some companies before.I think you have heard about IndiSMS,AND Idea color message.

  • birla

    I try but the web site was not open please help me

  • chandru

    there are better phones than nokia and it says it only works with nokia bullshit. and these people dont have brains dude, who will stick only nokia , if any application it should be developed to all phones

  • Rohit

    I m unable to download the sms2.0 Its saying page not found.

  • bhargavv

    yeah this is nice i had been using from one year i had recomended to all of my friends this is nice offer for airtel users

  • dnyaneshwar patil

    hi please send me free gprs trick on mails
    please i required irgently

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    I can download sms 2:00

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