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You convert your Word Documents into PDF (Portable Document Format) with the hopes of accessing it from different computers (school, library, cyber café… etc) without having to worry about compatibility issues, but what if the computer doesn’t have PDF Reader installed? Luckily, there are online PDF readers which come to the rescue without installing anything on the computer.

  1. Samurajdata is a light weight online PDF viewer which lets you quickly view PDF files either by pointing to a URL or by uploading it from your computer. No registration required, but interface is not so remarkable. Good for PDFs without many images because it doesn’t render images so perfectly.


  2. PDF Escape is a perfect online PDF Reader for most people. It renders both text and images perfectly, and gives you a regular PDF viewer like experience. If registered, you can gain access to certain features like storing your PDF and opening your recently viewed PDF.

[Via: CyberNet -> TechieBuzz]

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  • Marc

    Interesting. You could also upload it to Gmail to Google Docs and view it, right?

  • apurvajk

    I normally try to use different softwares, because there are so many softwares on the internet and each of them have different features, I am interested to use these softwares as well. It may happen that in the future I will use only these softwares.
    Thanks for the information, keep posting good stuff like this.

  • Myspace Vtunnel Proxy

    Yes me too , i ussually look for best free pdf viewer , this is a nice finds you don’t need to install. lessen your risk from spywares.

    THis is very handy , if your in a hurry

  • Selbourne Designing

    This had to come sometime or the other. The popularity of PDF is only restricted due to the installation of a heavy software on your desktop

  • Ajay

    It’s rather rare to not find a pdf viewer installed on a computer today, since it is a current thing.

    However, for that rare occasion… these may come in handy.

  • Rolling stones

    Absolutely with you, it’s a boon for people like me who are finicky about freewares. I have had corrupted my CPU twice in a year because of the spywares. And now I always purchase softwares from the vendor rather than downloading them. But this truly a good option, for the less used applications.