Android SDK Released, $10 Million Challenge Announced

The Open Handset Alliance spearheaded by Google has released the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). In addition to this, Google has also announced $10 million prizes for the developers of Android mobile platform.

Developers who come up with best ideas for Android mobile platform will be awarded cash prizes ranging from $25,000 to $275,000. $10 million will be equally distributed in two phases of the challenge: Challenge I and Challenge II. Entries from Challenge I will be accepted from January 2 through March, 2008. 50 best entries will be picked by a panel of judges and will receive $25,000 cash reward for future development. These 50 entries will then fight for against each other by applying for Challenge II on May 2, 2008. Ten awards worth $275,000 each and another ten worth $100,000 each will be give to the best 20 applications.

I think the $10 million challenge is an impressive move by Google to kick start application development for the soon-to-be-huge phone. Open source mobile developers will be truly inspired by the challenge to build better and more functional applications for Android. Here’s video which will demonstrate some of Android’s capabilities:

No license fee, no handset purchase and zero development cost. Nothing can be as tempting for a mobile developer than this one. I wonder how long will it take for Apple to release their iPhone SDK.Tongue out

[Via: Google Blog] Thanks for the tip, Marc.

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  • Marc

    I hope that Android eventually ends up on lower end phones also. That is the way to truly reach out to people. With a platform without any restrictions there is no end to what can be done!

  • Harishankar

    Nobody is ever waiting for any more SDKs when it is for mobile. We already have bunch of standards and lots of platforms for mobile and its pain and pain for every developer to make something for the devices in the market. Now google’s Android is hopefully been awaited to remove this pain and not to add on more to this number. Anyway lets see if this std weighs heavy int he market and letting fortune to mobile game/application developers.

  • Tech Roach

    Google made the right choice. I was planning to participate in the development if I have time. Now there’s a reason. Yay !! What about you ? Anyone here gonna be a developer ? :)