Clean up Empty Folders with Remove Empty Directory

Usually, PC users love organizing their files into various folders. Sometimes we move our files from one folder to another, but we forget to delete the empty folder. In other cases, you install an application and then uninstall it, but it leaves behind some empty folders. Your system probably contains hundreds of dozens of folders, without a single byte of data in it. This is exactly where Remove Empty Directory (RED) comes into action.


This free application does exactly what the name says. It scans your drives or directories for empty folders and removes it. By default, it scans hidden folders, but ignores system folders to prevent any harm to your PC. It is also possible to integrate RED into Windows Explorer.

As a productivity junkie, I hate seeing too many empty folders, so I regularly delete unused files and empty folders. RED was still able to find 496 empty folders out of 15150 folders, which is quite a shocking number to me!

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  • praveen

    A Handy tool to go with.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Haha Nice application. Will come in handy for sure :D

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  • Bidding Directory

    Now this is really useful! Thank you admin for that! I’m having thousand of them…

  • Selbourne Designing

    Would like to know under which folders were most of your empty folders found? Were they under “Program files”?

  • Thilak

    Selbourne: You guessed it right!

  • RapidMaster

    CCleaner is another great crap cleaner.