Google AdSense Goes Rounded

Google AdSense has introduced an option which lets you customize the look of your ad by rounding edges. You can either change your ads with slightly rounded corners, very rounded corners or keep it square (default). Screenshot:


Slight Round Very Round

You’ll find this new option to choose corner style while generating your ad code in your AdSense dashboard. Alternatively, you can also inject appropriate line into your current ad code to round it off (remove text within brackets):

google_ui_features = “rc:10?; for very rounded corners
google_ui_features = “rc:6?; (for slightly rounded corners)
google_ui_features = “rc:0?; (square corners)


Since it’s new and different, novelty will certainly play it’s role in getting clicks. This might be a right opportunity to try your luck experimenting with colors and background colors. Usually, ads blended into the content delivery good results above the content. However, you can try blending out below or in the sidebar section. Share your results through comments.

Google’s Offical AdSense blog also reads that they’re working on more choices to customize your ad formats. I’m expecting a way to change fonts and dimensions of ad. Good Job, AdSense Team

Have you also seen the Site Authentication option?

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  • Ken Xu

    Nope. I haven’t really looking at them right now. Adsense can’t become my main stream income now… But I think their new feature is very useful for beginner who don’t know how to code CSS. :)
    Nice move.

  • Davide Salerno

    Google AdSense si arrotonda…

    Per tutti gli utilizzatori di Google AdSense grosse novità per la piattaforma di annunci pubblicitari contestuali più diffusa del momento: unica nota negativa è che Google AdSense si arrotonda ma non nei profitti.
    La novità in questione è l’…

  • AmeyJah

    hey nice info. Last time when they introduced new ad format, it did helped me a lot. this time i think rounded ads will help me to blend it more.

  • Sreejith

    Well, for us bloggers, making the block look the same as the background color is the best tip. So, this isn’t for us since how the hell are the visitors going to spot the difference ? ;)

  • Ashok

    Hopefully it will increase CTR, as it will attract more attention and will also reduce ad blindness.

  • cyberst0rm

    Thanks for the heads up but cosmetic changes to AdSense doesn’t matter to me. Instead Google should pay more per click considering that ever since eBay pulled their advertising from AdSense we’re all suffering!!

    cyberst0rm’s tech blog

  • Nirmal

    I still prefer borderless ads for all including Adsense. :-)

  • Gili

    MMMM…. i think i won’t use this feature. Although it looks nice, i believe that when you blend your ads you get better results.

  • Benedict Herold

    Woww… Adsense is getting better and better :-)

  • Shashank

    it won’t have any effect for me as i use the white background to merge.:D

  • Nirmal

    Google seems to be improving all its services.

  • Benedict Herold

    @Nirmal, yes agreed, I’m seeing some good thing happening at their hosted service as well.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Will they offer the option to change ad fonts?

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  • Caplein

    This post has been quite informative.

  • Caplein

    This post was quite informative…

  • Bidding Directory

    I saw this. But default one are the best choice for me… I don’t eve like borders:)

  • lady influence

    this is a new feature but i have not used it in my blogs.. i prefer white background with no borders..

  • Mobile Phone Tracker

    Is really round edgesgoing to make a lt of difference anyway! Lol

  • bhavik shah

    hope it will increase clicks from user so i can earn some more $$ but i normaly display adds with out borders….thanks for the info….

  • Ps3 Gamer

    Still think blending your ads works best. So don’t see the need for rounded borders.