WWIGO: Use Camera Phone as Wireless Webcam for Free

wwigo vs webcam skype youtubeNeed a webcam? Why shell out cash when you can use your camera phone as a webcam for free. Motvik has recently released a product called WWIGO (Webcam Wherever You Go), it turns your Bluetooth enabled camera phone into a wireless webcam which can be used with any application on your computer. 

WWIGO is a free application and supports all Nokia S60 v2.0 and v3.0 devices. There are plenty of benefits in using WWIGO over conventional webcams: Modern camera phones are equipped with better lens and higher resolution cameras, so your camera phone will behave as high quality webcam. It works wirelessly over Bluetooth, giving you the flexibility to move your camera phone. WWIGO is a two piece application, one part is installed in your computer and second part is installed in your mobile.

WWIGO is a free alternative to commercially available Mobiola Web Camera. I’ve tried both and I found WWIGO cleaner and simpler to use. You’ll need a S60 v2.0 or v3.0 handset and Windows (XP and Vista) along with Bluetooth adapter.

This post was published by on June 23, 2007

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  • http://www.helloashok.com Ashok

    That is really a nice thing. I will try to do it my mobile

  • http://lagopi.blogspot.com Ramanathan

    We have done this long back, with a trial version program. nice to see a free version now. thanks for the info.

  • http://www.webmaster-dome.com/ Sreejith

    Looks like I can bid good bye to my crappy Logitech Quickcam. Nokia N70 has a better cam. But, won’t this make video chat slower ?

  • http://gigabyte.com Henry

    There is also Mobiola Web Camera which can turn your Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile phone into a wireless webcam for laptop.

  • http://www.techlivez.com Shashank

    Great product and great find Thilak and the important thing is that its free..

  • http://www.webmaster-dome.com/ Sreejith

    Speaking of Bluetooth webcams, do you know about any bluetooth microphone ? I mean, my mic is broken. It would be great if I can use my phone as a microphone.

  • Dondon

    This is a very nice product. Very usefull and handy.. To the producers of this software, i salute you.. keep up the good work guys..

  • ThunderBird

    but where can i download this software..?? the link it gave is showing a trial program.. :S

  • ThunderBird

    i have been searching for this software.. but cant find it anywhr on this site.. all i get is a trial version..

    can any 1 tell me whr can i get it..??

  • deva

    sir ,i need. how can i use my cell phone as a webcam. if have any softwere .u write the e-mail. how can i get thanking you

  • http://www.planetcreation.co.uk/sat-gps Mobile Phone Tracker

    Looks a great thing. Going to try this on my mobile phone

  • rahman

    То Sreejith — you asked if there is an application with the same principle which can work as bluetooth microphone — this application is Mobiola Microphone from the same company which makes Mobiola Web Camera

  • http://tpops.blogspot.com Kumar Deepam

    If you are still looking for the free download link of the WIWIGO s/w, I have written a post with the link to the download page, Go to http://tpops.blogspot.com/2007/12/how-to-use-my-camera-mobile-phone-as.html

  • Prakash

    Hey Dude Can any 1 Say from where i can download it

  • http://techblissonline.com Techblissonline dot Com

    here you go buddy…not sure y the article doesn’t have a link…


  • http://www.shtyle.fm/dilipmalvi DILIP MALVI

    hey man that’s very good thing for we nokia series 60 useres. If it works well. thanks a lot to the developers from my side

  • Abdul


    I bought HTC TYTN 11 mobile phone. I want to use this phone as a web cam. Please tell me how can i use it. If there is any software please tell the download link.

    Thank you


  • http://www.myspace.com/wild_geek Donnie Cooper
  • http://www.sybarglasinfo.com Shelson

    It is a very helpful information. Is it possible to work throgh USB or will work with bluetooth only

  • ebrahim

    hey guys can some 1 please help me out!!!
    i installed wwigo wid the regular procedure! n wen i try to run it i get an error on ma comp sayin “WWIGO filter initialization failed ERROR :01″ can ull please help me out


  • paulyam

    where can i download the software?

  • paulyam

    my phone is n73 do you think this would be compatible w/ my compaq presario v6000 laptop?

  • paulyam

    pls. try my phone before i download the software

  • sanket

    wow i liked it very much i can enjoy it a lot

  • sanket

    i can enjoy it a lot

  • Kevin

    but it just crashed to desktop..
    maybe because i’m using vista SP1

  • Riya

    Dear All,

    I am using a N72 Mobile phone. I would like to use this as a Mobile webcam (Not a trial version i am looking for a full version) so if any one knows about the free full version of Nokia N72 mobile phone webcam software kindly mail me the same link.

  • rahul

    it very nice
    but can i use my sony ericssion w810i as an web cam
    mail me at rahulramansharma@yahoo.co.in

  • kevin

    will it work with my nokia 6300?

  • sheenz

    hello dear i have installed WWIGO on my pc but how to install it in my mobile phone send me the link so i can istall eaisly and use it as web cam


  • http://codecontrol.blogspot.com Pranav Prakash

    Cool enough,i jus tried it out and it works great. Thanks

  • http://LoL LOL


  • http://www.mobile9.com velu

    very nice

  • sri
  • http://myworldmywaysmyideas.blogspot.com/ deeps

    is it possible to use the phone as a a video camera in skype chat with this software?

  • http://www.christiananswers.net/hope kana

    Can this software works with Motoming A1200 Motorolo.. Huh i want a use it as a web cam but i didnt get software…

  • http://chezze.com Abz

    i have a sony ericsson T650i,
    i was wondering whertherr it might work on that ,


  • dannynguyen

    i'm wondering if it works with Sidekick 08?

  • dannynguyen

    i'm wondering if it works with Sidekick 08?

  • Sajid

    I have a sony ericsson C 905, is it posible that it will work on it?

  • Sajid

    I have a sony ericsson C 905, is it posible that it will work on it?

  • Jake_loover

    How install into my phone this software?

  • http://tech-buzz.net Thilak Rao

    Which handset do you own?

  • http://tech-buzz.net Thilak Rao

    You cannot use your mobile as webcam all the time, this is perfect for
    those special rare occasions