Safari Browser Available for Windows XP and Vista

In a swift, yet smart move to garner browser market share and to counter the rise of Firefox, Apple has release the Safari web browser for Windows XP and Vista. Apple claims that Safari is the fastest browser on any platform, upto 2 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and upto 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2.


Safari 3 has a pretty elegant interface, unlike any other browser Safari doesn’t have a status bar, but instead a blue progress bar fills the address bar as the page loads. Safari has a feature called Private Browsing; by enabling Private Browsing, Safari won’t store your history, cookies or Google search history. (Similar to Stealther Firefox Extension).


Safari_inline_find Safari_rss 

They’ve put up a neat comparison chart which compares Safari 3 with Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 9. It seems like Opera has lost its spot as the fastest browser to Safari 3 beta. I was able to install Safari 3 on my laptop (running on Vista) without any troubles.

Download Safari 3 Beta for Windows XP or Vista | Watch Safari Video Tour

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  • Shankar Ganesh

    It’s so elegant and loads fast, but consumes tooo much memory. “Safari doesn’t have a status bar” Can’t the status bar be turned on from the view menu? Isn’t it there, Thilak?

  • anonymous

    i just love apple. i installed it the moment i saw it.

  • Thilak

    Shankar: Right, just verified it now. Maybe, I should modify the post like “by default, Safari doesn’t have a status bar”

  • Ramkarthik

    Thilak Sir,
    Even I wrote a blog post on this.Its just great that Safari is the fastest browser now.The download they are offering is trial version.It would be great if they offer a free full fersion like how firefox and IE do.

  • e-kereta

    this what i wait for so long…i love safari so much

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  • Gili

    Looks like i will give it a shot when i have some times, although i doubt it’s 1.5 times faster than FF.

  • Lovedeep Wadhwa

    Its sleek and looks cool but i don’t see any other reason to switch from Firefox to Safari.

  • tech blog

    there has also been mention of bugs in the interface though. i dont think illl use it simply because firefox is way better.

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  • Ramkarthik

    I actually used Safari 3 today and wrote a review in my blog.You can see that by clicking on my name.I would say that the looks of the browser is cool.Other things are also pretty cool.But i had few problems with it.I wrote about it on that review.Please take a look at it.Thanks.

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  • Kumar

    Safari doesn’t work at my workplace. It creates lots of problems with proxy authentication.

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  • Ethan Kerr

    You can enable the status bar by clicking View>Show Status Bar. By Default, Safari does NOT have the Status bar shown.

  • louis

    it sucks its buggy crashes a oddly large file filled with ad ware for new york times apple and youtube. and it is not faster than ie. i tested it. the adware is in the bookmarks. when you download it thos sites are automaticaly added.

  • http://safari sridharan

    Let me findout where to download from