How to Make Yahoo Messenger look like Google Talk

I love Google Talk because it’s simple and clean, but unfortunately that’s not the same with Yahoo Messenger. Bright colors and unwanted features make Yahoo Messenger look ugly! Thankfully, someone has created Google Talk skin for Yahoo Messenger.

Installing the skin:

  • Download the skin from here
  • Extract the contents of the zip and move it to C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Shared\Graphics (default installation folder, change it only if you have installed Yahoo Messenger somewhere else)

Activating the skin:

  • Run Yahoo Messenger
  • Go to Messenger > Change skin…
  • Choose Google Talk from the drop down menu and click OK

I tried it on Yahoo Messenger 8.1 and it works smoothly, my friends using Yahoo Messenger 7 say it works even better. This is how it looks on Yahoo Messenger 7:

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This post was published by on April 25, 2007

About the Author: Thilak Rao works as a Social Media Expert. He is one of the first professional bloggers from India, and he loves to write, travel and click photos. Follow him on Twitter @thilak

  • Vikram

    This is Really cool … does it supports all the versions of Yahoo Messenger ?

  • Rahul

    cool tip!

  • km

    Cool!! Google talk skin on Yahoo messenger . But i no sure whether Yahoo messenger will ban this skin or not ?

  • Friedbeef

    Very interestingg – thanks for sharing!

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  • Gili

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing – I Stumbled it and also dugg. Good luck.

  • Anirudh

    well, the skin just changes the colors a bit and i think most people who like bloatware are used to ymsgr and live. There is a way to connect google talk to yahoo messenger clients so you don’t need to skin it to look the same

  • Anirudh

    Thankfully, someone has created Google Talk skin for Yahoo Messenger.

    Atleast you could’ve mentioned who the someone is. Or linked it to the skin repository

  • feedme

    Or just use Pidgin (formerly GAIM) and talk to everyone on both services.

    Pidgin works with any GTK theme. There are many.

  • Lovedeep Wadhwa

    Cool Skin.

  • Ram

    This is very ugly. It doesn’t change much except border color & makes it borderless.

    Creator should have tried to change the inside yahoo colors like yellow smiley when somebody is online.That would make it better.

  • EZRecovery

    At least I don’t see a colorful program anymore :)

    Thanks for the skin.

  • siong1987

    This article can be more interesting if you could teach us how to add chat with Google Talk contact via Yahoo Messenger.

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  • MomKicker

    Thanks a lot man. I’m gonna insert this in my website. Thanks again!!!!!!

  • IndianPad

    How to Make Yahoo Messenger look like Google Talk…

    How to Make Yahoo Messenger look like Google Talk posted at…

  • Felix

    its cools

  • EZRecovery
  • Shashank

    added this post in my irresistible links of the weekend.

  • Darin

    ha ha ha … thats great … a Y! product looking like a Google product … what is this world coming too …


  • Gtalksucks

    Didn’t know so many people like Vanilla, i think gtalk is drab! Yahoo Messenger has a personality!

  • Motorcycle Guy

    If you love google talk you should probably try skype. Skype is my favorite of the im clients.

  • Amazing

    ohh! so G-talk want to have features of Y! IM?? G-talk aspire to look like Y! IM thats why created this skin….
    Yahoo! Rocks

  • Lucky

    Hey everyone! I created this skin some time ago for Yahoo! Messenger 7. I might try to make an updated version for Y! Messenger 8 so I am waiting for suggestions.

    Oh yeah and if you don’t belive me, check – original source and/or my website.

    You can also see the readme in the arhive :P

    If you have any idea, email me: my gmail username is lucky0 (i’m also online on Google Talk)

  • vikke

    You should give credits to Lucky, the guy who made the skin! You can find him on, where the skin is officially released.

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  • Paul B.

    You should also try ooVoo- – great new video IM in beta that supports up to 6 video windows

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  • Haris

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Duranto
  • nicolae

    if you need a simple skin just choose classic skin from yahoo messenger, it’s not all colorfull,it’s just simple :)

  • iHacking

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  • Zoiz

    Cool ! Thanks :)

  • paulette

    Thanks for the info.

  • Lucky

    paulette, I don’t think you’ve read the date of this post :P

    Anyways, good luck trying it. Don’t bother on Y! Messenger 9.. i don’t think it’ll work.

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  • tintanum

    no it is not workin in y messenger 9

  • Lucky

    If you would only read the comment above you.

  • lola

    happy day

  • lola

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