Firefox FullerScreen: Experience True Full Screen Browsing

FullerScreen is a Firefox extension that will really enhance your browsing experience. Firefox has a built-in full screen feature, but it will still display tabs and toolbars. The Firefox full screen feature can be accessed by hitting F11.

However, if you want to experience true full screen browsing, you can install the Firefox FullerScreen Add-on. What FullerScreen does is hide the tabs and toolbars until you request it by moving your mouse to the top. FullerScreen Add-on can be found at the Firefox Add-On Directory.

Below are screenshots of Firefox with and without the FullerScreen Addon:





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  • knight17

    Opera have this as default ;)

  • sindhu
  • Shankar Ganesh

    Really cool extension, will try it out!

  • marinus

    I’m sorry, it doesn’t delilver on full-screen. You still get the app title bar on top. In this it’s identical to all the other full-screen extensions.
    I miss Opera’s zoom-to-fit and miss its TRUE full-screen.

  • Nicolas

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  • Thilak Rao

    I’m sorry for the inconvience. You may unsubscribe using the form on this page