Live Cricket Scores on Firefox

Here is a reason for all Cricket fans to switch over to Firefox. Using CricketFox extension, you can now see live Cricket scores within the status bar of your browser. The extension shows the score based on CricInfo feed and works for both International as well as county cricket.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 is on and officer goers find it really difficult to keep with the live score. The score ticker automatically updates itself and shows the score of the batting team in your Firefox status bar. Hovering over score displays both teams’ scores. However, this extension is limited to nothing more than just score, which means you’ll still have to logon to CricInfo to see who is batting or their individual score (This can be done by double clicking the score display).

Install CricketFox Extension | Get Firefox

Source: LyteByte

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  • Paul J.

    Thilak I was wondering, what tool you used to make your logo?

  • Thilak

    Paul J: The insanely popular photoshop :D

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  • Vijay

    I am seriously losing interest in cricket, so I hardly bother to keep up with scores. No use for me I guess

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