Close Your Laptop Lid, without putting your PC on Standby

TechBuzz reader, Nisha dropped me a mail asking “How to close the laptop Lid, without putting it on standby” and in the mean time, she wants to utilize her laptops idle time to download.

By default, all laptops either go on standby or turn off to save precious battery, but you can override these rules from the Power Options (XP) in your control panel (Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options) and click on Advanced Tab and override the settings according to your preference.

I prefer “Do nothing” while closing the lid. Although this is real simple, few of us might not know it. I hope this helps you Nisha!

This post was published by on March 2, 2007

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  • jacob

    if “do nothing” is set as the action when you close the lid of laptop, hope after 5 or 10 mins the display is automatically turned off (depending on the setting in power scheme tab.)

  • Bryan

    It took me awhile to figure this out back in the day. I wish I had seen a tutorial like this back when I was looking.

  • Thilak

    Jacob: On my HP Pavillion DV6137TX, the display automatically turns off, the moment you close the lid. I’m not sure about other brands, but its quite a power saving feature.

  • Kyle Eslick

    VERY useful tip. Thanks Thilak!

  • Alpesh Nakar

    Good one Thilak. Simple but useful.
    Alpesh Nakar

  • Ajay

    Nice tip. I didn’t know this… well i don’t have a laptop yet.. hehe

  • Ajay

    Good tip. Don’t have a laptop yet, but it sure will be useful!

  • Madhur Kapoor

    Nice Tip Thilak , Never knew about it .

  • Anthony

    Hey My lap only shows ‘do nothing’ on the ‘When i close the lid of my portable computer’ there are no other options to pick from can some one please tell me how to put it on standby mode when i close the lid… thanks

  • Thilak

    Anthony: Which is your operating system? Presuming that it is Windows XP, which build? I mean.. SP1 or SP2

  • Aaron

    I am using an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse with my laptop. Is there a way to turn on the laptop without having to open the lid?

    (I have an Acer Apire)

  • Aaron

    Oh, and I’m running Vista

  • Derek

    Saved my life.


  • drvic

    This is a very useful trick, very simple but I never knew about this.

    This is my first visit to this blog and I can learn a lot from this whole blog.

    Great job Thilak!


  • Thilak

    drvic: Thanks for the visit. Hope you’ll keep coming back ;)

  • Justin Deguire

    ok, anybody know how to do this in windows 98?

  • VMO

    Anybody know how to have this setting automatically set for any user who logs on to a laptop? perhaps a script or local policy?

  • Eva White

    That’s a good tip. I usually waste precious minutes with this problem.

  • Todd

    Ok now i have all my setting to do nothign when i close my lid of my laptop. i also put the power managment to noting so hard drivers dont goto sleep ect…

    i come back in the morning and limwire is off.

    So i restart it. then i close my lid to go eat breakfast. come back and wala, limwire is gone again.

    so i restart it. this time i close my lid for 2 seconds. and wala its gone again

    why does it do that. all my power settings aer set not to do anyting when i close my lid.

    please help. thanks.

  • jahangir

    Good Tip , Carry on with modern computerized discussion.. thanks


  • kb24

    Could anybody help me here too,I’ve been leaving my laptop overnight to download stuff too. but lately when i wake the computer from idle mode,it always starts to hang,leaving me to just do a manual.

    I’ve already set my hardisk not to die,closing the lid ‘do nothing’, my laptop is set not to sleep at all.

    Any ideas on this?Btw,im using Vista Home premium

  • Alpesh Nakar

    Good one Thilak. Simple but useful.
    Alpesh Nakar

  • Abhinav

    Thanks. That was useful.

  • Abhinav

    Thanks. That was useful.

  • inkromance

    Finally! I just had my laptop taken back to factory settings and could not for the life of me remember how I set the lid to do nothing when closed.