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Most blogs thesedays have social bookmarking links or buttons below the post. These buttons makes it convenient for your readers to bookmark / submit your post to social networks such as Del.icio.us, Digg, Facebook and few more. Del.icio.us has launched a new widget called ‘Tagometer’, it shows number of people who have bookmarked the page along with a button to bookmark that page. If no one has bookmarked that page, it will say “be the first to bookmark this page!”.

The widget automatically identifies the page (so if the widget is placed on the homepage, it bookmarks the home. If its placed on individual posts, it bookmarks that post). The widget is created using Javascript, so it won’t fit on MySpace.

Tagometer is available in two formats, Tall Badge and One Line Badge. Tall Badge is designed to fit inside your sidebar, where as One Line Badge should go perfectly below your content.

Feedburner have also released the Tagometer FeedFlare unit, so that you can take the full advantage of Tagometer on your feeds.

I think Tagometer is cool, but if you place it below your content, no room will be left for other social bookmarking badges. If your interested in implementing Tagometer on your blog, go here.

Note: A live preview can be seen beneath this post.

News Source: Mashable, Delicious Blog

This post was published by on December 21, 2006

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  • http://www.alieneyes.wordpress.com knight17

    It will be nice if some can make it universal, to all popular bookmarking site.

  • http://tech-buzz.net Thilak

    I think it would next to impossible as each bookmarking site has their own API

  • http://www.alieneyes.wordpress.com knight17

    You are right, but if such a way exists that will be great.

  • http://www.widgipedia.com/widgets/search/Web+Widgets web widget girl

    cool … i want to see that on widgipedia.com