DivShare – All in One File Sharing Solution

DivShare is all new file hosting service, build by a two man team of Rob Howard and David Altschul. They’ll host any safe file type, create galleries and thumbnail (if your image is in JPG, GIF and PNG format). You can view your files from members dashboard and your files will stay there forever, it expires only if no one downloads it or views it for 30 days. I think this shouldn’t be a problem for those who want to share files over Instant Messenger or post a picture to their blog.

You can upload multiple files / images upto 100 MB in a single shot. Once uploaded, you can share your files either via a direct link, thumbnail or a forum link. They have provided button to make it easy to share file over Facebook and AIM.

Overall, I think DivShare is a great service, but it would have been even better if they allowed images to be stored from a remote URL (just like Imageshack does). Since they are giving all this for free (no ads), I’ll just keep praying that they will be able to cover their bandwidth expenses and keep their service alive.

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This post was published by on December 19, 2006

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  • http://www.rishiraj.info Rishi

    I tried it and its really fantastic!
    and the SHARING – EMAIL option is fantastic!

  • http://www.digitalbuzz.co.nr Phalgun Shenoy

    How can they do this without any ads!
    Who is gonna finance them.

  • http://tech-buzz.net Thilak

    Phalgun: Thank question is still unsolved in my mind

  • http://www.rishiraj.info Rishi

    Maybe its just a try!
    they may add ads further when they get popular! :)

  • http://tech-buzz.net Thilak

    Rishi: Yeah, Maybe… Until then lets keep our fingers crossed

  • http://www.rishiraj.info Rishi

    I have mailed tham about it and waiting for there reply!

    or i think they must be planning for future like going paid or whatever!

    Hey are you avaiable on Gtalk?

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  • Simon

    Interesting concept, it’s reminds me more of MediaFire than ImageShack though.

    MediaFire launched about a month ago and has an even cleaner design. It is by-far the most simple to use site I’ve ever seen.

    Differences are that http://www.MediaFire.com has no limits what-so-ever (unlimited file size, unlimited uploads, unlimited downloads, no time-limit) but doesnt display images yet, so it’s better for other file types.
    check it out, they’ve got a pretty cool ajax uploader too.

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