Link, Ping, Promote Other Blogs

Most bloggers out there think that outbound links hurts their reputation and might cause a lose of readership, but this is absolutely false. Infact outbound help them to gain popularity and readers. How?, I’ll explain..

Outbound links help you to build strong relationship with other bloggers. They’ll start reading your blog and if your content is good, they will surely ping you back and start leaving comments. But keep in mind that content matters the most, if you excessively link with very little content, it’ll hurt both your SEO and revenue.

Promoting other blogs will also help you to bring traffic into your blog. If you promote someone’s blog and if he gains some traffic out of it, he will surely reciprocate back by promoting your blog.

Early this morning, I took a look at my stats and found that I had received over 4000 hits from StumbleUpon for this article, It was submitted by Ajay DSouza, I thanked him (over IM). It encouraged me to promote his stories on StumbleUpon (or on any other site for that matter)

I’ve come across few bloggers who submit only their stories to Digg, Reddit or StumbleUpon, I promote stories which interests me !!

This post was published by on December 3, 2006

About the Author: Thilak Rao works as a Social Media Expert. He is one of the first professional bloggers from India, and he loves to write, travel and click photos. Follow him on Twitter @thilak

  • Mr.Cool

    The general thinking of a newbie – links to outside are BAD ! LOL

    No wonder they remain noobs :P

  • Ashish Mohta

    Yeah thats true.I do it 2wice a month in “Spawners” and if i write an article related to others i just ping them.Its cool.

    BTW nice pics lol

  • Steven Bao

    Yes, that is very true; naturally, I do bookmark or subscribe to other blogs that link to me, for example Technospot which pinged me a minute ago, and pinged your StumbleUpon post. Most bloggers that ping me I subscribe to, so there’s outbound links for you. And why not promote some good content by doing so? There’s no excuse.

  • Ashok

    I always give good outbound links in my article, because web is made up of link. If no one will give link, then there will not be any web.

  • Afterlife(69)

    Frankly, I never cared about my rep for linking to other sites, I always give credit where credit is due, and hell I even have 11 links on my blog roll, including “Tech-Buzz” and “Thilak Inside” and I have found all these links going both ways are helping my site and the people I am linking to.

    Also, none of my links use the rel=”nofollow” trick to stop the search engine following on to them, why should I be greedy and not share my blogs success?

  • Lovedeep Wadhwa

    very true..i also link back to the original source always.

  • Vyoma

    Yes indeed. The blog-(con)-versation would develop more when we actually trackback and pingback. Multiple volley of discussion would take place and this would result many different views on a single issue.

    That said, Thilak. Do you allow Pingback(/Trackback) here at Tech-Buzz? Because if you do, I have not seen even one of them appear in the comment list.

    Say I want to write a post on my blog with a ping back at one of your post, what track back URL should I use? (Or does it ping back and your spam fighting engine removes it?)

  • Thilak

    Vyoma: If you writing through WordPress’s built-in editor or Windows Live Writer you don’t need to leave trackbacks manually, it does it automatically.

  • Vyoma

    Yes, indeed. WordPress’s internal editor does the job.

    I was just curious if you allowed trackbacks here or not – because I never saw even one trackback in the comment list for many posts.

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  • Afterlife(69)

    I guess the trackback above answers your question Vyoma :)

  • Vyoma

    What are the odds for that!

    Look, your blog does allow Trackbacks!

    My lips are sealed!


  • Ajay D’Souza

    Hey thanks for the mention Thilak.

    Still haven’t found the time to writing the article I spoke to you about… maybe tomorrow.

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  • Ramanathan

    As a newbie sometime back, i was thinking that outies are baddies!! lol.. i learnt this trick from Amit @ digital inspiration. Nowadays i submit many stories.

    Nice post buddy.

  • Jack and jill

    So far i see 15 other bloggers commenting here with some relevent and some others not with the all of you guys exchanage their links..if so can any one of you have look at my posts and suggest . As a newbie i was not sure about what to blogg about..still i tried best of it.. i think now i need some traffic..prbably the content is of not much intrest for the public..i donno..please help..!

  • paras

    nice one .. thanks

  • paras

    that was good

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  • sanjida

    more information may i get

  • Chris

    Could anybody tell me what is entailed in linking to other Blogs please? As I understand it, I first mention that the following text has been taking from another Blog/Website, copy and paste the text into my Blog and then paste the original URL in the “Trackback” field on my Blog. Is this correct? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but I AM a newbie! :) Thanks to all.