Mozilla Firefox 2 Officially Released

Finally the long wait is over !!, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Final is now officially released and can be downloaded from Now rediscover the Web again with a new Visual Looks, Built-in phising Protection, Inline Spell Checking, Enhanced Search capabilities and lots more. Read the release notes for more details 

Firefox 2
They have completely redesigned their website, it looks pretty neat and eye pleasing. New referral banners are up at, Go get it now !
Off Topic: Sorry folks, This blog was down for the past three days because of a server crash. Fortunately I had a backup which saved me !!

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  • sindhu

    sorry to hear about the crash, i hope u set things up real soon. :)

  • Thilak

    I’m 90% up and running, my new Cpanel is super cool !!