Foobar Equalizer Settings

For all those who don’t know about Foobar, Let me give a short intro. Foobar is a open source music player for Windows Platform with native support for some popular audio formats such as MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC / Ogg FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, AU, SND, CDDA, WMA.

I’ve been messing around with Foobar lately and I managed to create an equalizer setting which really boosted my music experience. Check it out.

Download Foobar 2000 v1.1.5

Download Equalizer Settings

This post was published by on August 24, 2006

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  • Sindhu

    thats nice to hear :) here. ive been using foobar for a long time now. nice one!

  • ssslayer

    somehow, the EQ on f00bar is a real crap, compared to other media players

  • Acousticboy

    Thanks, I really appreciate it. Nice work fella :)

  • hpb

    Thanks for sharing, nice work. Love the Home Theater preset (Yasmin Meguid sounding great right now!)

  • hiro81

    thanks for the presets.. :D

  • travis

    If it’s open source, why is it for windows only? What complete laziness on the part of the developers. Good open source software is easily ported to other platforms, thereby not alienating the Linux and Mac users out there. (i.e. those who know a good OS.) My advice: Pass this garbage. I’m sure a better audio player exists on sourceforge.

  • rick

    travis: it’s not open source.

  • Nightfire

    It’s open source. But the code is optimized to run on Windows due to certain reasons this OS is different than others…. As a matter of fact, Mac OS X is based on BSD which I believe is based on Unix. Hence Linux and OS X are sort of… second-cousins. If Windows XP was a **** OS, then why do most people use it? I don’t even see what the big issue with Vista is. Sure, you’ll get 10 FPS less if you run Aero in the background, Windows Indexing Service (or whatever it’s called) and whatever else. Plus it’s got some serious incompatibility right now. But today’s computers can handle it fairly well with 1 GB of RAM.

    As for Foobar I can agree that it’s quite a shame to only have it on Windows. It’s one of the few reasons I still use Windows. So far, I haven’t seen anything half as good as FB2K though. Look it up, you will not find anything with half the features. Sure, initially it’s pretty bland. But think of the hundreds of plugins that exist that increase the functionality, written by those who are obviously part of a bigger comunity – the Windows community. It’s pretty easy to use and you don’t have to get into scripting it either, and I’ve found that it looks as simple and streamlined as I want it or as aesthetically pleasing as I want. And I have never, ever seen it use more than 28MB of RAM.


  • Jeroen

    travis: it’s not open source. at least know what you’re talking about before spreading fud. the world does not revolve around open source, 99% of people could care less if software is open source. And before you say you belong to that 1% that is enlightened and able to determine the qualities of an OS, don’t overestimate yourself.

  • Ben

    Thanks for these presets, was looking for some and this site was top result in google

    @travis: why don’t you port it yourself to other platforms if it’s so easy?

    this is the best musicplayer on windows IMO


  • Angus

    Dude, those are amazing. thank you!!!!

  • Jonno

    Your EQ presets are a dream. My home theater via laptop situation seemed dire, but this was the first page that came up on a google search for “foobar equalizer.” Now that’s what I call accuracy. Thanks dude

  • Zandor

    Thanx 4 your nice job!

  • OJ

    Thanks! These are excellent EQ settings. And, you came up #1 when I Googled “foobar equalizer settings”.

  • Coco

    Great presets, but i´ve got a doubt (I don´t know if here is the right place to ask): Is it possible to change the appearance of foorbar equalizer?
    I have Fofr package installed over foorbar, but the equalizer is exactly the original one.
    Thanks in advance

  • Adam

    The Car Audio settings is amazingly clear. And that is saying something, considering I strive for crystal clear audio wherever I go. Kudos to you, and thank you for sharing.

  • well

    the DEATH setting sucks…the rest is real good!!

    so thank you for your work!!!!

  • muhomor

    Thank you! Nice equalizer presets!

  • Erik Piper

    Thank you for keeping this bit of work of yours out there and available. You have a lot of great presets in this pack!

  • AKOD

    Hey thanks… im new to foobar and i really need something like this to get myself some ideas. Its pretty awesome.

  • Furik

    Thank you! I’ve been looking for foobar equalizer settings forever.

  • alvaro

    Thanks man!

  • dramaplot

    Thanks, i really need those presets

  • Schmierwurst

    Thanks for the presets, the DEATH setting works great for me (just kidden)!

    Love the Pop setting with my vast collection of Indie Folk and Shoegaze. Thank you!

  • coolworld

    Hey, thanks for this. I’m not really good in setting equalizer. Your presets helps a lot.

  • kiyuu

    thank you ive been searching for them all over the net. nicely done

  • mikebar

    Nice presets. I have been playing around with the drums one, and tweaking off of it. Now maybe I can find some skins for foobar somewhere out there?

  • werner

    thank you; great work!!

  • Deed

    Oh man, this is a pretty good set. premaster is probably what I’m after, since I usually change the equaliser to something similar to that. Death’s pretty comical though; the ridiculous overloader I figured it would be, making my PX100s feel like they were going to blow.

    Actually I also like Presence, since it’s pretty clear and sounds nice and lifted. Thanks for sharing these man.

  • Phil

    Thank you for that one!

  • Ben

    These are EXCELLENT! I really didn’t expect much, but they really improve on the basic preset. Especially the Home Theatre setting. Thanks alot.

  • Orzech

    Thanks man, You’ve done some nice presets, good work.

  • Nosh

    Loudness in combination with some heavy dubstep is amazing.

    Thanks so much for this.

  • alishka

    Thanks a lot.
    I was looking for such equalizer setting so long.
    Great sound.

  • Ekezet

    Thanks for the great work! I had a few presets of my own but they were pretty empiric and intuitive. These presets are a better response to my needs.

  • Govind

    Thank you!!

  • Scoop

    This is just what I needed. Thank you!

  • Ganesh

    Nice one. . Thanx a ton! Loudness seems to suit my setup – Xonar DX + modded MX5021. . :D

  • Erwin

    I’m afraid I have to agree with all of the above, these are great! Thanks a lot for sharing your hard work. :)

  • Hellpig

    Thanks for the settings – they’re really useful!

  • labilbe

    Thank you very much for sharing your work!
    Nice presets!

  • mil

    Thanks for your work… presets are avesome :)

  • Kentthegreet

    Thank you so much for the equalizer settings.

  • Pedro

    Thanks dude! I'm a newbie at foobar but already love this nice piece of software. Cheers!

  • Fan

    I really appreciate your sharing. Thanks a lot.

  • proprabhavs

    ROCK preset is missin o nt included???

  • proprabhavs

    ROCK preset is missin o nt included???

  • Inkov

    Thanks a lot for eq settings, they are extremely good :)

  • Thilak Rao

    Thanks Inkov!

  • Aq3

    Wow, you saved me a hell lotta time !

  • Aq3

    Wow, you saved me a hell lotta time !

  • Thilak Rao

    I’m glad we could help! See ya soon!

  • Thilak Rao

    I’m glad we could help! See ya soon!

  • Shhhhh:-)

    super maamz!! B-)

  • J.R.

    Thank Youu!

  • anarchy=life

    thanks man, i like “car stereo”.

  • Bwillsonz


  • Thilak Rao

    I’m glad I could help!

  • Sp900


  • MorbidNTT


  • toetag

    Thank you very much for doing this.

  • Tro

    really cool bro! thx

  • Johndoejohn666

    Thank you very much for this. Been looking for something like this for quite some time

  • Thilak Rao

    I’m glad you found it useful. Which is your favorite preset? and which headphone did you acquire?

  • Ruthven

    Thanks man works great on compatible players..

  • Anonymous

    Thanks very much mate, that’s a HELL of a lot better.

  • Nas_s89

    Awesome . clear is top notch

  • me

    thank you

  • lykimle6

    thanhk you


    Thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    Nice job completely stealing the equalizer presets. Really pathetic.