How to Search Rapidshare Files using Google

Few days back we talked about searching Google for Torrents. Using the same method you can search files on Rapidshare server too

Just go to and punch “” followed by:

  • inurl:pdf” for Ebooks in PDF Format
  • inurl:avi|wmv|mpg|nva” for Movies
  • inurl:mp3|ogg|wma” for Audio Files
  • inurl:exe” for executable application
  • inurl:zip|rar|7zip|tar” for RAR, ZIP, 7ZIP or TAR compressed archieve


If your searching for Google Earth in ZIP format, then you must search for “ inurl:zip google earth” (obviously without the quotes)

Similarly if your searching for XYZ video, then it should be something like “ nurl:avi|wmv|mpg|nva XYZ

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  • varun

    it really works!!! GREAT STUFF!!! thanks man…… i’ll love you for this.

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  • Norb

    I use dedicated rapidshare search engine like instead of google tricks.

  • rosc

    It would be very nice if someone made a scheduler for (not a bypasser) that worked in linux (maybe a java app for universal support in all OS’s)

    Something that queue up your list of files, then beep or otherwise alert you when the timer expired, prompt for the catcha code, and then get the file. All of the schedulers I’ve seen are for windoze :

  • terry


  • Amy whitestone

    You might want to try, they allow you to download 50 GB from as well as .de for $9.99.

    You can use the coupon code “SAVE25″ to get 25% discount too.

  • quick – quick search rapidshare files

  • RAN

    Try this site

    He explains everything with videos.

  • DesiMast is a RapidShare search engine, I’d tried it and it works great.

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  • rizwan

    SEarch rapidshare and megaupload and all other file sharing servers. using google search engine. most refined rapidshare searching at

  • Deepak

    Use its great. U will get all links of rapidshare and megaupload

  • johnny

    I use
    It’s a cusomized google search for rapidshare files ;)

  • johnny

    I use a customized google search for rapidshare files ;)

  • chris

    For rapidshare search try

  • oper

    Over 1,5 million of rapidshare, megaupload, 4shared, badongo links in its database. It is a very good specialized search engine to file servers:

  • linkosearch

    ya.. this works gr888

  • Georgie Boy

    These are 10 accounts that i created and don’t need anymore
    Don’t change the passwords!

  • Al

    Ok..great..but when these download need a password to open the RAR file, then what?

  • Nostra

    Thats cool, but i like to use for file searcher. Not only, but also

  • metizes

    Yet another rapidshare search site

  • Ranvir

    I use this site to find any download on a click, with so many options

  • bopty-hopty

    Not a single advice in this topic worked for me. Some sites that are listed here either don’t work or lead to ad-sites when you do an actual search.
    Thanks a lot, morons.

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  • Hongky

    I only use the best.

  • nickie

    all of this search engines except force the user to search for link into a plenty of sites. only and gives direct links to rapidshare files. and it’s cool…

  • mTurok

    @George Boy, that was a good one! Had a good laugh!

  • shady

    Go to for the cheapest rapidshare accounts in town.

  • Chuck Norris works charms!!!!

  • not funny

    Do not download the geoergie boy file. It is bullshit, there is just a wav file of crap in there and he is building up his rapidshare points at the expense of your time with his lies.

  • Selbourne Designing

    Great info. I guess Google has a whole bunch of these. Is there a page listing all of them?

  • http://- ikaros

    I do use
    it searches rapidshare and others like megaupload …

  • Burning Man

    LOL, is better way to do this ;)

  • ivan

    Try this one as well, enjoy!

  • James

    I got used to
    It also does search on Rapidshare, megaupload, 3fileupload ant other commonly know file hosting sites. It has also got a youtube search feature. recommended!

  • mahmut

    it really works thanks I love tech-buzzz

  • Brad

    I think that is the best rapidshare search engine as it contains a huge database with millions of files indexed and it is very organised as it gets you the related parts for the file you are looking for

  • rob

    If you want best solution for searching rapidshare files easily then go to here you can search directly on rapidshare, megaupload and other sites.

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  • mahesh

    this site also shows the origenal forum or blog link where the file is posted, this way we can get the password,

  • kherson is enough to search .. no dead link, no content or password problems..

  • Aman


    I am a newbie here. I just downloaded couple of rar files for GMAT from rapidshare and they seem to be password protected. Could anyone please help me with this?
    I would require the password to open these files.


  • bob

    One of the best dedicated RS search engines I’ve used is – dead links are pruned every hour and it’s not the usual ‘Powered by Google’ sponsored results that anyone can find using, err Google!

  • Robert Brown, a powerful free rapidshare search engine, and one of the best search engines for rapidshare. We offer search files on and, file type including: movie, ebooks, music, games, software,images, etc.

  • mithun
  • Share4Rapid

    one of the BEST

  • jonn

    finds even most unknow files on and checks the links,
    before displaying them:

  • khalid has almost no ads and the search quality is
    extremly good. its checked links functionality is unique: it checkes
    the rapidshare links for you on the fly and as such mostly shows the
    relevant result on the first page.

  • Anonymous

    You can try to search rapidshare files

  • hitman

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  • Juleeus

    good ways, great , thanks!!

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  • Tom


    This tips are out of date. Rapidshare has blocked indexing of their pages so result of this query is empty.

    You can find new (working) tips on my blog:

  • rapidos – quick search rapidshare files

  • Nilol

    For search from Rapidshare I use
    This site has a very user friendly interface and also provides list of most recently searched items. You will can to estimate its advantages too.

  • ooty

    google indexed only 20000 pages. so i think it will not work

  • ooty

    google indexed only 20000 pages. so i think it will not work

  • Julya009

    if you want to search from fileserve then use a good fileserve search engine

  • Filesking

    Best movies search engine: