Chitika Plugin for WordPress 2.x

Chitika have released a new version of their WordPress Plugin. It should obviously works with WordPress 2.x

It has got some new feature in it.
* Plugin Configuration through Admin panel itself: This eliminates the need to edit the files manually
* Easy one click insertion of ads from Post Editor
* Backward Compatible

I have tried all my luck with Chitika, even If get 5 K hits per day. I won’t earn more that a dollar. So I have given it up.

Download this Plugin


This post was published by on July 30, 2006

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  • ralf engel dot com

    Where can I see an example of Chitika in action. I’ve been googleing all evening to see how they advertise, before I signup with them, but wasn’t able to find any blogs with Chitika integrated ads. Anyone knows a blog where I can see it?