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Today I came across a interesting post at about getting a free MSN email account. I don’t like Hotmail just because it doesn’t sound good to my ears, but MSN sounds good enough. Usually you get email address only if you purchase their Internet service, but now you can get it for free. Just click here and sign up.

My Two Cents: I just use MSN / Hotmail for chatting, for rest of the things I still depend on Gmail

This post was published by on July 5, 2006

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  • Rishoban

    This site is not working, when I gave all my informations and finally when I click “I accept”, There is an error saying there’s a technical difficulties in creating an account. Please help.

  • nochoice

    i got the same thing! what can I do to get it?

  • James

    Thanks, this worked great and I gave it to my friends since they wanted an e-mail.

  • http://myspace mauricio

    help me