Click to Play Video Ads for Adwords

AdwordsInside Adwords announces Click-to-play video ads for AdWords. These ads will appear on Some of the Google’s pages this week. Although there is no details regarding this in Inside Adsense.

According to Inside Adwords announcement:

“In the coming days, we will be adding click-to-play video ads to the line-up of text, Flash and image ad formats currently supported by the Google content network. At launch, video ads will be available to AdWords advertisers in the US, Canada and Japan – but we plan to roll them out to other regions shortly.”

Here is a small glimpse of how these ads will appear:

Video Ads

Darren Rowse from Says

“I would also presume that these ads would predominantly be rectangle box ads and that CTR on these ads would be quite good at least initially due to the novelty factor of them.”

Read More about Video Ads at:

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